Weekly Round-Up

Welcome to our third blog post, where we give a weekly update on what we're up to for our supporters. 

With Deepawali taking place over the last weekend, we wanted to highlight how during the festival of lights and family celebrations, we also need to think about those less fortunate.

This picture was posted on our social media platforms, which you can follow in the links at the bottom of the page. We explained how our vital home-based quality reading means that children of incarcerated mothers have a fairer chance in life, which means the donations we receive will enable us to help more children have a brighter future. 

How it works is that a S$10 donation will fund a stationary kit with notepads and crayons for one child. While a S$30 donation will fund a one-to-one reading lesson. 

Halloween also happened this week and we posted our new cartoon graphics, which will happen every holiday, to our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 


This week is also the start of a new month. In November we are attending lots of different summits and conferences, as well as our co-founder, Saleemah Ismail, who is giving a talk at the Heroes Seminar later this month. The end of November also marks the start of Giving Week in Singapore, where we will be creating a campaign to raise donations so we can help more children get the education they deserve. 

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