How you can help

As a volunteer, you’ll be a part of an experience that transforms your life as well as that of the child or mother you support.  You’ll join a warm, close‐knit community, where your contributions really make a difference. Whether you choose to be a child’s 'Learning Friend' in our Early Learner program or a 'Befriender' to our mothers, you’ll witness the impact that your work on them and their families.

.We also have opportunities for other types these are not the only ways that you can help. Please take a look at the list below for more details:

Learning Friend
Join us as our reading volunteers, Learning Friend. If you're the sort that loves kids, reading and the idea of sharing knowledge and learning experiences, volunteer with us to start reading with our Early Reader child today. You'll need to attend a Volunteer Orientaion with us and a Volunteer Training too. 

If you would like to provide invaluable support to our mothers during incarceration and during after­care, join us as Befrienders. You will need to attend two separate training briefings before entering the prison.

Event Support Volunteer
Behind every successful event is a team of dedicated volunteers to help with the planning, logistics, and coordination. There are plenty of ways you can help with our campaign‐related events and annual fundraisers.

Skills-­based Volunteer
Are you a communication expert, database expert, film maker or photographer? Then work with us to help to tell our story or implement a project – it could be anything from organizing our back‐end office to producing a video.

Ad hoc Volunteering
Have a few extra hours in the week to help out with odds and ends but don’t want to commit to a specific project? Ad hoc volunteering is a great way to lend a hand on an as‐needed basis.

Other ways to help

You don't have to volunteer in order to help us, you can also donate children's books. Please follow this link to see our list of preferred books: Book List

“When we first started, we did all the reading and he was a bit shy. Now he grabs a book from us and starts reading aloud… he hardly lets us read anymore!”
— Learning Friends who described the difference as ‘night and day’ when they compare the child that they supports reading and english now, to when they first started

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