New Life Stories 

We are an IPC* non‐profit organisation that supports pre‐school education for the children of incarcerated mothers. We help provide children with essential educational skills namely reading and pro‐social skills. This ensures they aren't left behind in the crucial early years of their development. 

 Our holistic approach extends to their incarcerated mothers too.  Thus ensuring each child receives vital educational assistance while their mother is  supported during her incarceration and more importantly during her frequently‐stressful reintegration into society. 

During incarceration, the mothers pen and narrate stories to their children, which are recorded and played to the children during volunteers' visit. This nurtures the bonds between mother and child, providing a powerful motivation for the mother to break the cycle of incarceration.

Together, mother and child are able to rewrite the stories of their lives and chart a more positive future.

*Institute of Public Character: We have IPC status. This means you will get tax deduction of 250% on your donations*

Early Reader: Our in-­home program

Early Reader nurtures each child to be curious, confident and school­-ready, through creative reading sessions.  These are conducted by a carefully selected volunteer who visits the child’s home for regular sessions; reading aloud to them from story books and other educational literature.  

This helps the child become a motivated reader and learner, with the self­ confidence to start school on a par with classmates.  As such, this also plays a part in promoting social mobility amongst the children of low ­income families.

Our Learning Friends are a team of motivated volunteers, carefully screened for their empathy and coaching ability.  


In-­prison and after-­care programs

Our in­-prison and its after ­care support nurtures incarcerated mothers to be resilient and empowered mothers who walk the journey with their children to create new life patterns and stories.

Our team of volunteer Befrienders provide support crucial support to the mothers while our team of Counsellors facilitate customised self­ awareness and resilient building in-­prison workshops.  

Many children from vulnerable families are not school­ ready for the first year of basic education. Lack of English oral communication practice leads to a lack of confidence in
English communication in Primary 1 thus impacting the learning of English, Mathematics
and Science in later years”
— The Suara Musyawarah Report