New Life Stories is a non profit that supports children of incarcerated mothers.

We help provide children with essential educational skills namely reading and
pro‐social skills. This ensures they aren't left behind in the crucial early years of their development.

  Our holistic approach extends to their incarcerated mothers too. We continue to work with mothers and their children after incarceration.  Thus ensuring each child receives vital educational assistance while their mother is supported during her frequently‐stressful reintegration into society. 

Our Learning Friends are a team of motivated volunteers, carefully screened for their empathy and coaching ability.  Our team of volunteer Befrienders provide crucial support to the mothers while our team of Counsellors facilitate customised self­ awareness and resilient building in-­prison workshops. 

Together, mother and child are able to rewrite the stories of their lives and chart a more positive future.




Our Partners

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